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Squad up – Teil 1

von DerAwesumdude


Why Squad?


The new Squad system is beneficial for every player. Being in a Squad is granting you a Squad benefit, which is a bonus to your Rank experience. Additionally, every member will get a Squad Bonus for accomplishments on the battlefield, such as capturing a control point. Even though you might stand outside the capture zone, protecting your comrades from approaching enemies, you will get experience for the capture.
For each Squad member with a Veteran Membership, all other Squad Members will receive a five percent bonus of what a full membership would give.


The Squad is not only a feature for playing with friends, but for making new friends. If you you join the battlefield alone, you will be automatically assigned to a Squad. This is true for both, War and Staged battles.


If you are new to the game, you will have a chance to learn from experienced players, while as a Veteran player, you are now able to share your knowledge with others and make the game more enjoyable for everybody.
Everybody has an important role in a Squad, no matter if you are following your leader into battle or commanding your well-trained team.



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