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A small letter to MSTRKRFT

von DerAwesumdude

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you my opinion about your last released tracks and what happened in the recent years.

The first time I heard one of your tracks was in the movie "Meet the Spartans" from 2008 and it was this banger:
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Since then I listened to every track you released, including the remixes. Some were good, some better, and some were amazing. I listened to your albums "The Looks" (2006) and "Fist of God" (2009) and thought that some tracks weren't as good as others but they did it. Very good for parties, my old car, my sound system and almost everyday situation.

A few years later (around 2011?) you released "Back in the USSA" and another song something titled with beards. That was the first time I thought "erm?!". Back in the USSA had a little part that was good but it didn't get me like everything you did before.

Since then you guys have been a little absent, JFK doing his DFA1979 thing (which I really like, too) and I guess AL-P was doing some own things, too.

Now you've just released your new album "Operator" and I've listened to every song. The only word describing my feelings is "WAT?". I was really looking forward hearing some of that good old stuff you did some years ago and for what I really loved you.

In 2009 I got some merchandise shirts and other stuff and I'm often wearing these today, but I'm missing your old style. It feels that back in the days it wasn't really you that did these tracks, is that possible? Sure, styles are changing and I know many people enjoy what you do now, but I really hope maybe someday you'll release another awesome banger again.

In a video (I don't know which one exactly it was) you guys did an interview, you've been saying something like "We don't remix everything. But what we remix, has the MSTRKRFT guarantee!". I smiled when I heard that and I know you're right. So DO IT AGAIN! ;)

Thanks for reading,


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